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I'm an Energy Insecurity and Material Hardship researcher bridging the gap between the pursuit of knowledge and impact. Interested in policy-driven work, my goal is to use my quantitative and econometric background to help energy and sustainability-centered organizations improve the energy and environmental outcomes of underserved communities.  I am a Professional Specialist at Princeton University's Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment (C-PREE).  At C-PREE, I lead MPA research projects and help with research communications and outreach. 

During my doctoral studies at the University of Delaware, I researched energy insecurity and efficiency in urban landscapes. My research also extends to the infrastructural and material hardships that intersect with energy affordability, such as housing quality and grid reliability.  Additionally, I  research the effectiveness and barriers to energy assistance and home weatherization programs. With an M.A. and B.A. in Economics and a Mathematics minor, I often use quantitative methods in my research while using my policy background to keep my work socially grounded. 

Coming from an African American background, I use my research as a vehicle to serve communities with similar histories and lived experiences.  My commitment to serving marginalized communities has been heavily influenced by my participation in multiple DEI-centered fellowship programs such as the APPAM Equity and Inclusion Fellowship, Yale University's Environmental Fellowship Program, and the Ford Dissertation Fellowship (alternate).  

In my spare time, I assist nonprofit/philanthropic organizations with activities such as grant writing, partnership development, and community outreach. Some of these organizations include Foundation for a Healthier Senegal and the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter.  


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